Truly AI and Machine learning are here to stay with the ever increasing applications in various fields importantly education, medicines, industry and National security Disaster resiliency, and use in daily life is our common observation both from the side of the industry & the user but the same feeling validated by the Turing Award by its all three awardees from this field is a clear indication as to where the computer world is moving to. The Turing Award is given annually by Association of Computing Machinery, ACM, for contributions of lasting and major technical importance in the computer field.”* This is popularly known as kind of “Noble Prize of Computing.” This award attest recognition of successful research and practice in a field impacting mankind in every aspect of life. Ok

Three scientists scientists sharing “Turing Award 2018 “ are from the field of AI a testimony to the conclusive research conducted by them and also a testimony to their scientific vision and deliverables decades ahead of others to find a meaning in a subject which the world today is trating it like a godly invention to be useful for our progeny.The three scientists have be given this award for conceptual and engineering breakthroughs that have made deep neural networks a critical component of computing.

The three scientists who have given this novel direction to computing are; Bengio - a Professor at the University of Montreal, Hinton* - a Prof. Emeritus at the University of Toronto and LeCun*- a Prof at New York University. All three are also associated intensely with research in corporate and purely research units. The award goes to them to having worked independently and together and developed the very foundations of this field. It helps providing correct inputs in redesigning Disaster resilient smart cities in Covid perspectives. Where we build and what we built . It also helps sustainability in food safety .

The fruits of their research are for all to see and experience in its many a substantive invention in the emerging fields in computing vision, speech recognition, face recognition,natural language processing and robotics in particular. Such seminal work is the work of scientists and it is a time world take it as a mission having read their book and upscale our R&D, products - specific or generic and growth of that industry are bound to bear fruits.


Blog by- Dr. Parvez Hayat

A Google Scholar